What Are the Common Types of Video Games?

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The video game market is booming and is expected to be Video Games. This massive growth highlights the popularity of these games, and there is a wide range of choices when it comes to picking the types of video games you want to play.

While this is great for gamers, it can also mean it’s sometimes overwhelming when it comes to deciding which games look most appealing. With so many genres available, it can help to take some time to review your options before sitting down for a gaming session.

Let’s dive in and learn more about video games.

Platform Games

Platform games go back many years but are still hugely popular today. You control characters that can carry out actions such as running, jumping, and climbing as they seek to reach their goal.

Some of the most popular examples of platformer games have been Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. While these games have their roots in 2D, there are also 3D platform games if you prefer this type of graphics.

Shooter Games

When people talk about shooter games, they are often thinking of Video Games huge successes such as Call of Duty and Fortnite.

While some shooter games offer one viewpoint, others allow the gamer to choose different options such as either first-person shooter (FPS) or third-person shooter (TPS). FPS allows you to view the game through your character’s eyes, whereas TPS provides you with a view of your character in the game environment.

Many games also allow you to switch between both Video Games viewpoints, which can help you find your targets and defend your position more easily.

Sandbox Games

The sandbox may not be a familiar term to many gamers, but you may have played one without even knowing it. A sandbox game gives players a large degree of freedom, allowing them to make their own choices and interact with the game in creative ways.

There don’t have to be specific goals, and players can enjoy exploring the virtual world they are in and even add to the environment through activities such as building new elements. Good examples are Minecraft and The Sims, and it’s easy for players to become engrossed in the game as they can play for hours, constantly changing the landscape to provide ever-more interesting features.

Sports Games

With various sports such as NFL and soccer Video Games having such huge followings, it’s no surprise that this is a popular section of the gaming world. Gamers can choose to be their favorite athletes or teams, practicing various skills while playing for fun or attempting to win trophies.

There can also be options to manage teams, adding a greater element of strategy to the gaming experience. As graphics become more advanced, players and stadiums within the games are becoming increasingly realistic.

Puzzle Video Games

Playing video games isn’t always about physical challenges, and you can take on puzzles that are mentally testing. This could involve solving word challenges, recognizing patterns, or using logic to win the game.

One of the most famous puzzle games is Tetris, and a more modern example would be Candy Crush Saga.

Survival-Horror Video Games

In survival games, players often have a limited number of resources while they attempt to stay alive in a hostile environment. While playing a horror Video Games, you may be fighting against zombies that are trying to kill you. Combine the two, and you’ve got a survival-horror game.

These games are not always for the faint-hearted, although they can be a lot of fun.

Role-Playing Games

There are many types of role-playing games (RPGs) such as action-adventure, sandbox, and tactical, and character development is often an important feature of the game. The storyline is also a key element, and frequently includes fantasy that can make the game more interesting to players.

You may notice that many RPG characters are well-defined and have plenty of detail. This can be a fun aspect for video game designers, and you can get in touch with the best online animation schools to learn more about creating these characters.

This could be the first step toward entering Video Games careers in the future.

Real-Time Strategy Games

In real-time strategy games, a player takes control of one side, such as an army, and competes against another. Your opponent could be a human or an AI, and you both make moves at the same time rather than taking turns.

Players often look down onto a map, helping them to make strategic decisions to defeat the enemy. These games have large followings, and you may be familiar with titles such Video Games as Warcraft, which has been around since 2004.

Action-Adventure Games

Many people consider the best video games to include elements of both action and adventure. This means there are likely to be physical challenges for your character, as well as problem-solving tasks to complete if you are to move forwards in the game.

This combination makes these types of games a popular choice amongst a large demographic, as there is something for everyone.

Decide Which Types of Video Games Are Your Favorites

With so many types of video games available, players have a fantastic range of choices. Whether you enjoy the fun layout of a platform game, the challenge of a puzzle game, or the thrill of action-adventure gaming, there are great options in every genre. You may also find that playing one type of game for a short time and then switching to another for a while could stop you from getting bored too quickly.

Keep an eye out for the new games that are coming out all the time!

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