Refashion: The Sustainable Fashion Startup That Is Gaining Followers

sustainable fashion


The platform brings together designers and the general public to buy and sell second-hand clothes of sustainable fashion.

After winning different funds and recognitions, the company is already planning its internationalization in Mexico with a view to 2023.

2022 meant for Mary Isabel Buenaventura the beginning of a whole adventure. The graphic designer from the U. del Desarrollo opted to create “Refashion” a circular fashion venture that has brought her important recognition, the arrival of capital, and a real relief for the environment in the stark textile industry.

After her experience studying for a master’s degree in Italy where she worked with many sustainable clothing brands, María Isabel materialized her ideals in a platform where designers and ordinary people can sell their clothes in good condition, but also find thousands of sustainable garments in a simple and with coverage in all regions of the country.

Today his goals are clear: In the next few days he sustainable fashion hopes to launch a sustainable fashion marketplace for local designers, but he is also working on integrating logistics with collection points and automation, generating strategic alliances with national retailers, increasing his users and daily transactions, consolidating in all regions of the country.


‘Along with the group from the Seat for Cooperation and Correspondence-based Frameworks, Foundation of Software Engineering, College of St. Gallen, Switzerland, through Prof. Dr. Andrei Ciortea and Prof. Dr. Simon Mayer, I’m anticipating that this approach should increment servitization in the production network and subsequently to empower sustainable fashion versatile round economies in the attire business’ makes sense of Cristina Dan, roundabout design specialist and organizer behind Tackle.

Following three years of joint effort, the group effectively made a proof-of-idea assortment called Refashion. This assortment highlights three pre-planned multifunctional texture blocks and a reversible coat. This features how flexible the texture blocks can be. Each article of clothing can be effortlessly dismantled, overhauled, and remanufactured into another style.

The Current State of Fashion

The Worldwide Design Plan Chief’s Report 2020 perceives that the ongoing model has been a strong motor for worldwide development and improvement, however, states there is a convincing business case for the people who put resources into long-haul social and ecological maintainability, past momentary monetary motivators. While changing laid-out rehearses sustainable fashion is certainly not a simple accomplishment, the creators stay persuaded (as do we) that the design business can go about as a good example for different enterprises to embrace supportability before it is past the point of no return. Furthermore, development assumes a critical part in that.

Innovation in Sustainable Fashion: Trends

The Worldwide Style Plan names 8 main concerns for design manageability, which include:

  1. production network recognizability;
  2. battling environmental change;
  3. manageable material blend;
  4. roundabout style framework;
  5. productive utilization of water, energy, and synthetic substances;
  6. aware and secure workplaces;
  7. advancement of better compensation frameworks; and
  8. the “Fourth Modern Upheaval.

The principal Attachment and Play Feasible Design Drive occasion started off in January 2021. We welcomed various specialists and new businesses  sustainable fashion to meet up and examine the eventual fate of economic style advancement. Of these main eight needs, we zeroed in on three in any case, including roundabout style, new materials and designed filaments, and coloring advancement.

10 Startups Reshaping Sustainable Fashion

Great On You is the world’s most thorough brand rating framework and online disclosure stage for design. It associates cognizant customers with worldwide style retailers. Their trusted, free moral brand evaluations take care of a genuine issue for the large numbers of buyers hoping to shop better and the retailers hoping to contact them.

Beginning around 2015, this maintainable design startup has evaluated more than 2,500 brands for their effect and engaged a great many customers to purchase better. They commend the planners and creators who are accomplishing something useful and give retailers the apparatuses to associate with the developing cognizant purchaser market.


This is an exciting time in the sustainable fashion industry. Innovation is happening all around us. Industry pioneers ought to investigate new business potential open doors and execute arrangements and coordinated efforts with new companies in the space.

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