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Travel Destination
Travel Destination


Dream beaches on Caribbean islands, fabulous views of Norwegian fjords, or once through the famous Panama Canal. On a cruise, Controversial Travel Destination has a unique opportunity for unforgettable adventures. For a long time, one area was not one of the typical cruise destinations ( more here ).

But now the shipping companies seem Travel Destinationto be rethinking. And this is despite the fact that the human rights situation on site is more than questionable.

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Cruise lines rely on underserved areas

We’re talking about the Middle East. According to cruise expert Michael Ungerer, the region is “undersupplied,” quoted the “Seatrade Cruise News” portal. No wonder, then, that numerous shipping companies are now putting out feelers into the hitherto little-developed travel area on the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and Arabian Sea.

According to a “Welt” report, more and more  cruise operators are heading for Saudi Arabia. And that although there can be absolutely  Travel Destination no talk of equality in the Arabian desert state. Multi-day trips through the strictly Muslim country are therefore hardly on the agenda for most Controversial Travel Destination enthusiasts. “Not everyone will want to visit the most repressive country in the world as long as it doesn’t change their mindset,” commented British tour operator Responsible Travel. But as a cruise destination, Saudi Arabia is increasingly on the radar.

Cruising into repression

According to “Welt” information, more than 75 steamers from global shipping companies will dock at the Saudi ports in the current winter season from November 2022 to May 2023. As many as ever before. A short trip to the markets in Jeddah or a trip to Hegra on the outskirts of the clay town of Al-Ula (UNESCO World Heritage Site) is something that holidaymakers are already treating themselves to.

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The cruise is taking more and more travelers to the country of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman (MBS), whose philosophy Travel Destination Islamic scholar Guido Steinberg from the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik in Berlin describes in the political magazine “Zenith” as follows: “MBS relies on a new, sweeping authoritarianism, which, following the example of the United Arab Emirates, relies on much more extensive surveillance and also severely punishes slightly different political expressions of opinion by the Saudis.” Before travelers set foot on Saudi territory, they should in any case first find out about the strict rules inform the country.


As far as I might be concerned, I have made a trip and will venture out to disputable nations. Some time back, Desolate Planet requested to tweet a photograph of ‘the most lovely spot you’ve at any point been to’. I basically tweeted: The Yamdrok Lake in Tibet with a photograph of just the lake. In the space of seconds, I was ‘gone after’ by Free Tibet developments. During my visit to Tibet, I’ve seen the Chinese warriors involving the Travel Destination roads and I’ve heard the horror tales about the ‘killing’ of the Tibetan culture by Tibetans themselves. After my visit, I really turned into an individual from Free Tibet developments and it is as yet a subject I hold near my heart.

I concocted two individual motivations to keep on heading out to questionable nations: 1. Exchange 2. Support nearby shops and administrators. Clearly, these sorts of outings are completely not the same as an excursion, for example, ‘Island Bouncing in Thailand’. However, indeed, I have headed out and will make a trip to dubious nations.


Morals. It’s straightforward, and yet amazingly muddled. What’s going on? Common decency? Also, assuming you realize something is off-base, will you actually make it happen? Or then again will you act likewise? What are your qualities? Furthermore, what are they worth to you?

As travelers, we are visitors to a country, yet much more Travel Destination so we are residents of the world. At the point when we Controversial Destination to a spot, the climate and its occupants merit cautious thought of our demonstrations. Just with the initial step ‘pause and think’, discussion, and regard consistently for your objective and hosts, we’ll previously make some amazing progress in reasonable and moral travel. To leave no followers behind is very unthinkable I’m apprehensive, yet I hope to leave few and mostly good traces behind.

Travel Destination

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