Rising Actress Jung Yi-Seo Who Started The Outbreak In All Of Us Are Dead

The rising entertainer of late featured in tvN’s hit show “Mine” as Kim Yoo Yeon, the youthful servant who falls head over heels for chaebol beneficiary Han Soo Hyuk (played by VIXX’s Cha Hak Yeon). In any case, unbeknownst to numerous watchers, jung yi-seo showed up in a considerably more renowned creation quite a while back — in “Parasite,” she played the pizza joint proprietor who fights with Kim Gi Taek’s (Song Kang Ho’s) family towards the start of the film.

One of the entertainers who conveyed an exceptional execution is jung yi-seo. She assumed the part of Kim HyeonJu who was chomped by a mouse conveying the infection and subsequently began the episode at Hyosan High School.

You might have likewise seen Jung YiSeo in various famous Korean dramatizations and motion pictures without acknowledging it. She was likewise as of late in the famous Disney+ K-Drama “Snowdrop” as the person Shin KyungJa who was the understudy president.

Jung YiSeo was brought into the world in August 1993. She has been acting beginning around 2014 and is endorsed under J-Wide Company. She is a staggering entertainer with a lot of ability.

Jung YiSeo has a remarkable acting reach and has pulled off various jobs in various shows from makjang and dream to zombie and verifiable jobs.

“Nobody appears to be familiar with it right away,” shared jung yi-seo. “At whatever point I present myself on a set, assuming that I say that I was the pizzeria proprietor in ‘Parasite,’ individuals answer, ‘Truly?'”

Jung Yi Seo made sense of that she at first tried out for the job of Park Dong Ik (Lee Sun Gyun’s) girl Da Hye, which eventually went to Jung Ji So all things being equal.

“At that point, I was recently stunned and glad to try and be trying out for a movie by chief Bong Joon Ho,” reviewed jung yi-seo. “Since in those days, it was difficult for me to try and be able to try out for a job.

“I didn’t anticipate getting anything, and a while went by before I unexpectedly got a call from a staff part. They said that I could possibly assume the part of the pizza place proprietor. Initially, the person should be in their forties or fifties, however, they had chosen to bring down their age. I was speechless, and I could barely handle it.”

Jung Yi Seo proceeded to take note that she likewise showed up in the film that many individuals don’t know about.

As a matter of fact, a great many people don’t have a clue about this, however, I show up again towards the finish of the film, she said. At first, I was simply expected to show up at the start of the film, for the squabble about the pizza boxes, however, they added another scene for my personality. Do you realize how Gi Taek’s (Song Kang Ho’s) family clears to the gym in view of the flood? Assuming you look cautiously, the pizza joint proprietor is in that scene wearing an orange T-shirt.”

It’s practically similar to a find-the-covered-up objects game,” she added with a snicker. since she’s an occupant of a similar area.

Thinking back on her job in the film, jung yi-seo commented, “As it were, I think ‘Parasite’ was basically my acting presentation. After I showed up in ‘Parasite,’ there were abruptly undeniably more individuals who remembered me on the road contrasted with previously. In some cases individuals could try and converse with me in the city, saying, ‘Really? It’s the pizza joint proprietor.’ from the beginning, I was stunned by that sort of interest, yet since I’d never experienced it, I began feeling a piece frightened and forced by it as time went on.”

She happened with a giggle, “Luckily, the timeframe during which individuals remembered me [from ‘Parasite’] didn’t keep going long. Nowadays, I think there are far additional individuals who remember me as Yoo Yeon from ‘Mine.”

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